A note from our Founders

In 1988, we co-founded this firm with the vision of combining the rapid advances occurring in technology with a fundamental understanding of scientific principles to promote and ensure healthier and safer environments. We adopted as our motto, “Scientific Minds. Common Sense Solutions” because it highlights the scientific approach we bring to our clients’ concerns. Through time, we have expanded the services we offer and have diversified the customers we serve, but we are pleased and proud that we have remained true to our vision.

As our company grew, we recognized that CSS’ next-generation growth strategy would be rooted in sharing the financial success with our greatest asset…our employees.  In 2012, we became 100% employee-owned through the creation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which now provides all our employees equity ownership in their company. 

The creativity, enthusiasm, and commitment of our talented employee-owners have made it possible for CSS to make a positive difference in our world. We are confident that together we will accomplish our mission to “Apply science and technology to create a healthier, safer, and environmentally sustainable future” and continue to be in the vanguard of solution providers for many years to come. Thank you for visiting our website.

Jolanda N. Janczewski, Ph.D., MPH 

President & Chairman of the Board 

W. Dennis Lauchner

Chief Executive Officer

Our Founders

CSS’ founders launched our enterprise in 1988, setting the mission and vision for the company. Today, they continue to lead the organization, overseeing strategic direction and growth.

Jolanda N. Janczewski, MPH, Ph.D.

Founder, Chairman of the Board, and President

W. Dennis Lauchner

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership Team

The expertise and accomplishments of CSS’s professional staff are the foundation for the firm’s success. To support them, we have assembled a multidisciplinary leadership team that is committed to managerial excellence, technical superiority and continuous professional growth.

Georgeann N. Morekas, M.S.

Executive Vice President, Operations
Senior Vice President, Emergency Preparedness and Response

James J. Wano

Chief Financial Officer

Alain Berinstain, Ph.D.

Chief Strategy Officer

Dianne N. Janczewski, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Environmental and Human Health Programs

W. Mark Pierce, CIH

Senior Vice President, Safety, Health and Environmental

Duane Ratliff, MPH

Senior Vice President, Space Programs

Jennifer Hodges

Vice President, Information Technology Services

Beth Moss

Vice President, Human Resources

Michael Wray

Vice President, Communications and Business Development

Our History

Consolidated Safety Services, Inc. (CSS) was incorporated in 1988 to provide health and safety services to the public and private sectors. CSS rapidly expanded its services to include scientific program support in the physical and life sciences as well as transportation safety.

In 2010, CSS acquired Dynamac Corporation, the leading provider of life science payload processing services for space transportation systems.  The core competencies of Dynamac, added to those of CSS immediately produced remarkable synergy enabling the CSS enterprise to offer truly comprehensive environmental, safety & health services and robust scientific support capabilities.

Employee Owned since 2012

In 2005, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established and by 2012 CSS became 100% employee-owned.

Our Services

CSS services are organized into several core competencies and cross-cutting services that we have cultivated through our 30+ years of corporate experience.  Our diverse staff of employee-owners represent close to 70 distinct disciplines ranging from astronomy to zoology.  The majority of our staff hold advanced education degrees, and professional certifications, reflecting a level of scientific expertise critical to the mission of our clients.

Our Management Team

Daily oversight of CSS employee-owners and projects is performed by a team of experienced and highly skilled managers who bring invaluable insight, technical expertise and administration to our clients and staff.

Julia Capri

Sr. Program Manager

Chris Jeffrey, Ph.D.

Sr. Program Manager

Anne Busher

Sr. Program Manager

George King, Ph.D., PMP

Program Manager

Carol Taylor

Program Manager

Steve Brecher, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Nathalie Panayiotakis

Program Manager

Jay Early

Program Manager

Lindsey Goodwin

Sr. Program Manager

Neil Daniell

Sr. Project Manager

Wayne Matten, Ph.D.

Program Manager

Scott Robbins, MPH, CIH, CSP, PMP

Sr. Program Manager

David Brown, MPH, CIH, CSP

Program Manager

Brett Blevins, CSP

Project Manager

Staff Disciplines

CSS employs a workforce with a broad range of disciplines. A substantial percentage of our workforce holds professional certifications, and advanced academic degrees in the sciences, engineering, or other technical fields.

35%Professional Certifications

50%Masters Degree

86%Bachelor Degree

14%Doctoral Degree

Company Culture

CSS is a professional services organization. Our primary asset is our people, and we take great pride in them. Our employees take great pride in the company because they are owners participating in our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). We all have the same vested interests to excel in our work and contribute to company success. 


CSS is committed to diversity in its workforce. We strive to ensure that our employees are respected and valued for their individual uniqueness, knowledge, experience, and skills. By respecting and valuing differences, we enhance our culture, foster teamwork, and build a better company.


CSS’ Ethics are defined as the moral standards by which we behave, interact, and perform both internally and externally.  These standards underpin our business and are reflected in everyday decision-making, our judicious use of client and company resources, and our high degree of scientific integrity. Our Code of Ethics guides the manner in which we listen, engage, and respond, and is the foundation of CSS’ culture.

CSS Leadership invites you to join our team!